Hi, I'm Kelly




" I just want to feel  as much as I can, it's what soul is all about."


A little bit about me.....

I wish I could say that I grew up in the mountains surrounded by magnificent scenery but nope, not me, I'm a Midwest girl.  I can find beauty in the most mundane things, and yes that includes the corn fields.  Let's not overlook the gorgeous sunsets and rises, flower fields, and history of small quaint towns.  I appreciate the tall grasses, rivers, gravel roads, and fresh air.   Although I dream of the mountains and visit them when I can, the simplicity of my midwest surroundings challenges my creativity and lets focus all on what's most important, whomever or whatever I'm photographing.


Photography  puts me in my element &  makes me feel alive. I'm seriously passionate about creating art that will make you feel something. The best memories are the ones that occur naturally and aren't staged, I'm not a fan of the superficial. 


You'll find I edit based on how each session makes me feel, because after all, we are all so different aren't we. Although I love what I do, I am here for you.  My goal is to give you the gift of always remembering pieces from your story.  

Let's start something special!

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