Allow me to Introduce myself..

 Hi, I'm Kelly.  

There are many things that define me and a paragraph will Never allow for full expression. So here's a short summary.


I've always been creative & photography is something I'm extremely passionate about. Here's why.....  

Looking through old photos is one of my favorite things to do.  Finding these treasures, especially of family, thrills me. The mystery in a photo of my 18 year old grandparents or my parents freshly married, the version of them that I never knew, I love where that takes me.  The ability to evoke curiosity of the past and if you're lucky, you'll know the story.

Aside from my love for photography, I am a mother, lover, and educator.  I enjoy the woods, mountains, skiing with my husband and children, whiskey, good food, company, and music.  Music, next to photography and nostalgic smells, is so powerful. Having the ability to transport me to another place and time, evoking memories.  

My goal is to provide imagery that will allow you to relive different times and places with the people you love.  Images to cherish as heirlooms that will be the center of conversation for younger generations and of course, hopefully printed.


Photography resonates with me because it is powerful and so meaningful. Pieces of our journey, stages of the different chapters of our lives, and eventually, the only remnants  left of our existence.

lifes a journey. everyone has a story. let me tell yours.




"There is one thing the photograph must contain, the Humanity of the moment."